Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help youth, young adults, and their parents break the chains of drugs,violence, gang involvement, mental health disabilities, depression, peer pressure, suicide, and other issues that are a ever- present force that affects both their behavior and perception of life. We are here to empower parents also, encourage other organizations to get involved in an effort to break these chains that have our youth and young adults bound. Through our unconventional methods of providing love, support, life experiences, mentorship, and resources in order for them to become strengthened in their mind, body, and spirit; we can keep them free from bondages by breaking the chains that bind them. Also, after going through the process of getting the help needed we encourage them to become mentors to help others not make the same mistakes they have made; who are dealing with some of the same issues they have overcome so others won't go down the wrong path. We want to help them realize that they have purpose and a destiny for their lives no matter how bad it seems. We believe that the mess can be turned into a message to help save the lives of others.